Musical News dateline 1982

“Musical News” is the invention of Arthur Klein, Michael Dare, Robert Roll and many others…. If you see this and participated and your name isn’t here just drop me a comment or line!

For one week we all got together and recorded the news from all three networks… Then we would write and record music and edit the real news into these presentations…. Check it out! For a transcript hire a secretary!

3 thoughts on “Musical News dateline 1982

  1. Wow, what a blast from the past. Please mention Yuri, or is it Dropoff, Will Power, AKA Richard Rawlins, and Richard Goldman without whose deranged mind there would have been no Fats Domino Theory. We were the “Three Guys from Hollywood,” AKA Newsrag, doing Musical News for KROQ, where these songs first appeared. Long before the Daily Show and the Onion, there we were.