“IDEA” LAIFF Open 1999 (LA Ind. Film Festival)

This piece created by filmmaker Arthur Klein for the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival is titled “Idea” and was inspired at an American Film Market Party on the Santa Monica Pier in February 1998 where I was sharing a martini with Linda Rattner of the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival. We discussed what it might be like to follow an idea from inception through exhibition.

That night when i returned home I wrote a 2 page script and concept beat sheet. I faxed it to Linda, faxes were big then; she called me minutes later saying she wanted to do it… This is the finished product! Continue reading

Freddy’s Nightmares: No More Mr. Nice Guy premier Oct. 8, 1988

Freddy’s Nightmares is one of the first television shows sold to first run syndication. Bob Shay took a very personal interest in Freddy’s since the features had been a cash cow. Michael De Luca was hired as a writer (his first job with Newline) Toby Hooper directed this premier episode No More Mr. Nice Guy. This is the prequel to the film series setting up the entire story historiography… I was lucky enough to edit this episode and to supervise the editing for season one of this interesting Twilight Zone style supernatural television series… We had many famous directors and actors like Brad Pitt made their debut during the course of the series.

Hope you enjoy this and the other episodes i will post in the future… Continue reading

Musical News dateline 1982

“Musical News” is the invention of Arthur Klein, Michael Dare, Robert Roll and many others…. If you see this and participated and your name isn’t here just drop me a comment or line!

For one week we all got together and recorded the news from all three networks… Then we would write and record music and edit the real news into these presentations…. Check it out! For a transcript hire a secretary Continue reading

@Sunset On Sunset 1980-1982

At Sunset was an after hours club/salon which was home to many artists and celebrities… Everyone from John Belushi to David Lee Roth to Jean-Michel Basquiat to studio heads, to celebrities of all kind would show up!

These two little videos are the only footage i know of that documented this time in 1982 in Los Angeles on the Sunset Strip. Today the same property is Dukes restaurant. Hope you enjoy this vintage footage.

Arthur Klein
Filmmaker Continue reading

John Lennon Tribute 1981

This tribute to John Lennon was one of the very first things I ever edited while working for Entertainment Tonight in 1982. I went on to spin movies at night on the Z Channel… One night I inserted this into the programming and was fired for the act of creativity.

It was cut on an ECS 103 with BVU 2860s & 200Bs Continue reading