Minerva Award & Profile of Lulu Washington & her Dance Theatre

Lula Washington Dance Theatre – Minerva Award
Lula Washington is one of 4 recipients of the inaugural Minerva Awards handed out at the California Governor’s Conference for Women and Families on December 6, 2004. The awards were given to women who have dedicated their lives to furthering positive change and building outreach programs that have made a difference in the lives of thousands of Californians. Continue reading

“IDEA” LAIFF Open 1999 (LA Ind. Film Festival)

This piece created by filmmaker Arthur Klein for the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival is titled “Idea” and was inspired at an American Film Market Party on the Santa Monica Pier in February 1998 where I was sharing a martini with Linda Rattner of the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival. We discussed what it might be like to follow an idea from inception through exhibition.

That night when i returned home I wrote a 2 page script and concept beat sheet. I faxed it to Linda, faxes were big then; she called me minutes later saying she wanted to do it… This is the finished product! Continue reading